How to Recover a Hacked Activision Account


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about hacked accounts and how to recover them. I also have had a few questions on how to get in touch with support! So in this video, I go further in-depth on how to submit a recovery request and potentially get your account recovered / unbanned!

  • Firstly, navigate to this page:
  • Follow the steps shown in the video to get a case number.
  • Be patient and wait a few days for a response.
  • If you want to chase up the ticket then keep a note of this case number and then log a support ticket later. ( if needed )
  • Next, we need to get through the filters by not mentioning certain keywords etc. I have a template available below that can help.
  • If you get the ‘not the purpose of the form email’ don’t fret! Try again and tweak the wording etc.
  • Once you have successfully submitted a case, you will get a case number. You can then track this case in my case, unfortunately, the recovery request case number won’t show here.
  • Wait for support to reply, usually, they can be quite quick but recently have been super slow.
  • Once they reply add the details about the account recovery request and they should be able to help.

This process works for any other Activision problems whether it be a 2fa issue or an email issue. I will link down to my other videos below.

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