How to contact Activision?

How to contact Activision?


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Are you feeling lost in the Activision support merry go round? This week, we'll show you how to navigate Activision support and get the help you need.

There are still a lot of you out there that are unsure how to get in touch with Activision when your account has been hacked or you've lost cod points etc. There a few way to get assistance from Activision but these are the main ways to get in touch:

Support Cases (the preferred method)

There is only one successful way to contact Activision and thats by logging a support case with Actvision. (They used to have a live chat feature but that was closed some time ago now)

Opening support cases is done by using the specified categories and topics. Some will route you to default FAQs pages but if you select the right ones you can get a case number. Once you have the case number logged you can add updates via the my cases section.

If you encounter an auto rejection email then try using these support templates to bypass the filters.


Via Phone

You can also call Activision support at +1 (310)-255-2000.

Helpful Videos

​​Latest Updates

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