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Xbox Party Chat - How to record with Elgato

Xbox Party Chat - How to record with Elgato
Photo by Louis-Philippe Poitras / Unsplash

Have you just got your Elgato HD60 or Elgato HD60+ and are looking to capture your Xbox party chat? Luckily with Xbox it is straight forward. In comparison with the PS4 this is much easier.

With the PS4 you need to use a  elgato chat link cable or use an additional USB Microphone for the chat party, this is because the PS4 will not allow the game audio to be output to the TV & headset (so the Elgato cannot capture sound when you have a headset plugged in). Personally, I would use a second microphone for the PS4 party chat, but the elgato chat link does a job, so feel free to try that method.

Back to the Xbox party chat… this is much simpler as you can out put to headset and TV (to the elgato).

You will need to follow the following steps to ensure it outputs to both.

  • On your Xbox go to General then hit Volume & Audio Output andlook for the Party chat output setting.
  • Now change this to Headset & Speakers. Now when you are recording through the legato it will capture all audio.

Please bear in mind your own voice will not be outputted to the Elgato party chat. This is done by Xbox Live to stop you having feedback issues!

Please also check out my video guide on this. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or a comment on the YouTube video! I will endeavour to get back to you!