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📰 What's New?

Weekly AMAs will be LIVE on Twitch and then available on YouTube for members. Not sure how this will go but answering all of the questions on YouTube and Discord can be time-consuming and hard to keep on top of. So once a week I will run through my YouTube comments, emails, tweets and Discord questions live! Hope to see you there! (I decided against Patreon, apologies for last week's email)

Warzone 2.0 is coming out on the 16th of November, and in preparation for this, I updated my Nvidia drivers to the latest version (526.86). I did some testing with my 3070ti and seems to be smoother (no more glitches) for me on Modern Warfare II. Let me know what you think and have you updated yet?

💬 Weekly AMA

Check out my weekly AMA (ask me anything), I answer all your questions live on Twitch and then replays are available after!



Come follow me on Twitch and ask me anything while I game! I find this the easiest way to answer all the questions from Twitter, discord and YouTube! Join our growing Discord community for extra help!

My Gear

If you are interested in seeing what gear I use, please visit the link below. I will try to add to it regularly and I hope you find it useful! https://kit.co/PashTech


Some of you may have heard of SkillShare but for those who haven't! Skillshare is an AD-free platform with thousands of hands-on creative classes for you to explore!

I will be looking to add some content to Skillshare shortly with greater detail on subjects that may interest you! You can learn a variety of subjects for beginners up to advanced users! Some of the more notable ones are game development, game design, photography, photoshop courses and much more!

If this sounds interesting and want to try risk free for 30 days then sign up using this link!

Latest from Twitter

Raven❤️🐾 (2 months apart) #gsd #GermanShepherd #gsddog pic.twitter.com/Pu3GMvqibr— PashTech 🇺🇦 (@pashtech) November 10, 2022


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