🎮 Warzone 2.0 Is Finally Here!


Hey All,

Hope you are having a great weekend and are enjoying Warzone 2.0! So far with the latest driver updates it has been stable on PC (for me) and seems to work fine on PS5!

Some issues remain around shadow, accounts, account unlinking issues and trying to get in touch with support! I've released an updated guide below and hopefully this explains things a bit clearer, but Activision support has been awful at responding so far. They used to respond within the hour, now it’s days if you are lucky!

If you are still struggling with speaking to Activision, come and join our community on Discord and there is usually someone who can help or has the same issue you are facing!

Latest Updates

  • If you don’t have much space on your console then try this tip to save space. Just by removing unnecessary files, you can save a lot of space!
  • You can now join a Discord call straight from your Xbox. No phone needed, no transferring calls, just join! 😍 It’s part of the new Xbox November dashboard update.
  • Some interesting news on Battlefield 2042 with their latest Development Update. Take a look here.
  • A Taxi Service Started In Warzone 2! Read here
  • Best New Game Trailers - View Here

💬 Weekly AMA

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