Do you want a more cinematic feel to your videos? Then Dehancer might be the one for you!

Do you want a more cinematic feel to your videos? Then Dehancer might be the one for you!

Video Editing

The Dehancer Pro Plugin allows you to take your digital footage and make it look like it was shot on film, giving it a nice cinematic feel. In the video below I will take you through the steps to install and use these in Final Cut X & Premiere Pro.

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What can Dehancer do for you?

Dehancer Pro is a plugin for video editing software, It helps achieve a realistic film look for your videos by emulating the colour and effects of actual film stocks. (compatible with Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro & DaVinci)

Here’s a breakdown of what Dehancer Pro offers:

  • Film Emulation: It includes a library of over 60 profiles that simulate different types of photographic and motion picture films. You can choose from classic options like Kodak Vision 3 to more unique choices.
  • Film Grain: Dehancer Pro allows you to add realistic film grain to your videos. You can control the size, amount, and impact of the grain for a subtle or dramatic effect.
  • Film Effects: It provides additional effects like bloom and halation to further enhance the filmic look. Bloom adds a misty glow, while halation creates a subtle red glow around bright lights, mimicking real film behaviour.
  • Colour Grading Tools: Dehancer Pro offers various colour-grading tools that mimic analogue film processing. These tools let you adjust exposure, contrast, colour density, and more, giving you precise control over the final look.

Overall, Dehancer Pro is a powerful tool for video editors who want to achieve a professional, film-inspired aesthetic in their projects.

Dehancer Lite

Dehancer Lite is a more affordable version of the Dehancer Pro plugin designed for video editing, particularly for DaVinci Resolve [invalid URL removed]. It offers a subset of features from Dehancer Pro, focusing on the core functionalities for achieving a film look in your videos.

Here’s what Dehancer Lite includes:

  • Film Profiles: You’ll get access to the library of film emulation profiles, although it might be a limited selection compared to Dehancer Pro. This allows you to choose from various classic and creative film stock looks for your video.
  • Colour Control: Dehancer Lite provides basic colour grading tools to adjust exposure, contrast, and colour to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  • Grain and Effects: You can add realistic film grain of varying intensity to your videos. It might also include some essential film effects like Bloom or Vignette, but the options might be limited compared to Dehancer Pro.

While Dehancer Lite offers a good starting point for achieving a film look, it lacks some advanced features found in Dehancer Pro, such as:

  • Access to the full library of film profiles
  • Advanced colour grading tools for precise adjustments
  • More creative film effects like halation or film damage
  • Integration with other editing software like After Effects/Premiere Pro (availability might be limited)

How much does it cost?

Dehancer offers three main pricing structures available from Dehancer. Dehancer Pro, Dehancer Lite and individual effect plugins. Here’s a breakdown:

Dehancer Pro:

  • This is the most comprehensive option, including all film emulation profiles, grain controls, and effects.
  • Available for both DaVinci Resolve and After Effects/Premiere Pro.
  • Pricing for Dehancer Pro is based on the license terms:
  • Lifetime license: $449 USD (most expensive but gives permanent access)
  • 1 Year license: $299 USD
  • 6 Months license: $199 USD
  • 3 Months license: $149 USD

Individual Effect Plugins:

  • Dehancer also offers individual plugins if you only need specific functionalities.
  • These are available as OFX variants for DaVinci Resolve (Windows, macOS, Linux) and some for After Effects/Premiere Pro (Windows only).
  • Prices range from:
  • $39 USD (cheapest option) for basic effects like Dehancer Breath
  • Up to $199 USD for Dehancer Lite, which offers a limited set of film emulation effects.

Which one should I choose?

Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide:

  • Dehancer Lite: You’re on a budget and want a basic film emulation solution for DaVinci Resolve. You’re new to film emulation and want to experiment without a hefty investment.
  • Dehancer Pro: You need a wider variety of film looks and advanced control over colour grading. You desire additional creative film effects. You use editing software besides DaVinci Resolve (compatibility check needed).

Hope the review has helped and remember to use my coupon code ‘PASHTECH’ for 10% off at checkout!


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