The 2.5g port on my Virgin Media router has stopped working

The 2.5g port on my Virgin Media router has stopped working


A couple of weeks ago, my WD My Cloud NAS in RAID 1 suddenly stopped connecting to my network. I tried restarting everything, even running a new cable, but nothing worked.

Further investigation revealed an amber light on my QNAP switch’s network port, indicating a reduced connection speed. This switch has 2x 10Gbps and 4x 2.5Gbps ports (that are backwards compatible), which seemed to conflict with a recent firmware update on my Virgin Media router.

Apparently, the update introduced power-saving features that messed up compatibility with my QNAP switch. The only solution was to disable the new power power-saving features, but my switch lacks the management options for that.

So, to get everything working again, I had to downgrade my connection to 1Gbps by plugging the switch into a different port on the router. This isn’t ideal, especially since my internet plan exceeds 1Gbps!

Virgin Media needs to acknowledge this compatibility issue and provide a fix, ideally with an option to disable the problematic power-saving protocol.

Hopefully, this helps others experiencing similar problems. I’ll keep pushing Virgin Media for a resolution!


I've had a response from Virgin Media but not sure If this can be solved.


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