Same website... New look has had a rebrand and we hope you like it! Work is still underway, but we hope you will like the new changes so far and this newsletter will be now coming out monthly with important updates.

I will be adding web hosting / design packages, Photoshop / Illustrator templates to purchase and online marketing offerings as well as keeping you updated in the gaming tech space! I work full time as a Digital Marketing Executive but have a passion for Gaming & Tech so this is why I started PashTech, the new website will try and encompass both aspects into one website.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, and ideas, let me know in the comments or join the Discord and let me know! I hope you like the new design and look forward to building on the community we have already built… Over for now!

Whats new?

If you are having issues launching Vangaurd or Warzone check out this latest video, it will guide you through the steps to get it going again!

My First Template

If any of you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel or already have one and want a basic thumbnail template, that has the basic features built in. Then I have made my default template available to buy! Check out the template page below:

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I'm happy to answer questions while I'm gaming! I find this the easiest way to answer all the questions from discord and my YouTube comments.

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