RTX 3050 Crashing / Kernel Error


This is why you shouldn’t buy the New RTX 3050… right now! The RTX 3050 is a new budget GPU from Nvidia however this card has a serious issue with its card.

The new 3050 can force your PC to hard reset and log kernel-power issues in the event viewer! I have done some research and apparently lots of people with the same issue and it’s either a driver problem or a bad batch of GPUs. This Only seems to happen when at a low MHz and not when playing games. So, if you are seeing Kernel-power (41) errors (Which can mean you have issues with either the RAM, GPU, driver issues, a failing PSU etc.)

So, for the fix… all you must do is make the default MHZ higher. So, load up the Nvidia control panel and change the power options and your normal power options to maximum performance, then the clocks sit constantly at a higher MHZ, and it stops the crashing. Thank you to my friend Mark who made me aware of this issue and hope this helps you guys out if you have any further questions join the discord.


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