Error erasing disk error number (-69888, 0)

Error erasing disk error number (-69888, 0)


I experienced this issue the other day when trying to create a bootable installer for my iMac from 2009.

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The error code "-69888, 0" indicates an issue that occurred while erasing a disk. This error typically happens when the disk you're trying to erase is:

  • Write-protected: The disk might have a physical write-protection switch, or software settings preventing data changes.
  • In use by another process: Another application or background process might be using the disk, preventing the erase operation.

If you get Error erasing disk error number (-69888, 0) A error occurred erasing the disk. message when trying to create a bootable USB, make sure the USB drive is not currently used by the system or your apps.

Have a think and check what apps are currently open and then close them. (Finder windows or current directory in Terminal).

Once they are closed the error should disappear.


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