INKEE Falcon Gimbal Unboxing & Review


So I’ve kindly been sent this Falcon gimbal it’s a three-way access gimbal for action cameras. So I’m going to test this out on the GoPro Hero9. I’m going to open it up, try it out, and give you my initial thoughts on it. So let’s dive in.

Initial Impressions

Okay, so it comes with some instructions, some spare screws and an Allen key that’s probably just to tighten it onto the action camera. Okay, it also comes with a USB-C cable, we will set this up later. It also comes with a little pouch to put that all in and a little tripod as well. You can open it up and then we have the gimbal itself. So the Gimbal has a camera button, card button, a timer button.

So I’ve managed to attach the GoPro to the gimbal itself, you have these screws here to help adjust the Gimbal to make it like balance nicely. You can connect this to the gimbal itself so you can do shots there and start recording.

So if you want to turn this on, just hold the power button there. You will need to hold this down here as it turns on and then you can see it take over. ( Please check the video for a Demo )

There are three settings, you tap one button to hold and lock. There’s also a double tap to revert to the last position and then the third one, if I just lock it there, you can see it holds the position and the double tap reverts position.

So that when you got it in the position you want Just lock it, and it will hold that position for you. So I’m just going to move that back up into the proper position, lock it, and you can see it working there.


So I think this is great. It seems to be working fantastically. It’s keeping it steady. Even if I’m moving. It would be great to do some B roll with that because you can lift it over without it shaking.

I’m going to do some walking around outside, with the GoPro itself. This is just to show you how it works. Then you can see what you think.

Please watch the video above for the demo. I hope you found this useful and thanks for reading!


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