Here we have the FIFINE T669 Microphone KIT. FIFINE kindly sent me one to review but have no input and this is my honest opinion…

Here we have the FIFINE T669 Microphone KIT. FIFINE kindly sent me one to review but have no input and this is my honest opinion. Previously I’ve been using the Blue Snowball ICE MIC, so in this video, I will show what you get with this kit & compare it to my current setup!

Just a heads up my intro was done using my Snowball ICE and now I will be using the FIFINE T669 during the rest for the video. I will have the same filters on but will be using the new equipment and mic. The filters I have used are the Noise Gate, Compressor & Noise Suppression.

So lets go ahead and see what you get inside the kit. Well first of all you are presented with the first POP filter, this is a mounted one for easy positioning & It has two mesh layers.

After this you will see the rest of the kit but let’s start with the T669 Microphone itself. So straight of the bat it seems really compact and small compared to the Snowball ICE, It has a volume nob on the front of the mic, a USB port on the bottom and it has a detachable mount.

Next up in the kit is the Microphone stand, this kit comes with a microphone arm and stand depending on your preference or need. It looks solid and similar to the one I got with the Snowball ICE.

This is the support for the Microphone arm, this is standard and looks like the one I already had.

Now for the shock mount, I have never used one before on the snowball ICE but I think are a re a great investment and prevent unwanted noise being captured by knocking the table for example.

Next Up is the arm itself, first impressions are good, seems more sturdy and well built compared to the one I had bought previously.

Then finally you get a USB cable and another POP filter. This one seems good for a low-profile setup, but I recommend having one or the other and not to use both at once.

OK Now lets setup of the equipment. So first of all, you will need the clamp, its fairly simple you just clamp it to the side of your desk and then you can add the boom arm in there, but first off let’s show the basic stand.

Once done we can go ahead and get the microphone and hook it up to the basic stand as a test. It’s very similar to the one that came with the Blue Snowball ICE and is good quality.

Right so now we’ve done that lets remove the MIC from the stand.

So here is the shock mount that we are going to use, but first let’s remove the bottom screw which holds the mount in place. We can then take the shock mount and screw that back in place.

Let’s grab the boom arm and hook it up to the microphone that now has a shock mount attached to it. Once done we can slot the arm into the mount, we set up earlier. We can adjust both the arm and the mount itself into our desired position.

Now let’s add a pop filter, this the larger of the too that can be mounted on the arm itself. It can be adjusted very easily and is versatile in that respect. Now let’s add the second pop filter. Please don’t use both at once this is for demo purposes. I think the smaller one is my favourite one as its low profile and slots easily over the mic.

No lets get the cable and hook it up to the computer the cable slots into the bottoms of the mic and you are good to go. The cable comes with a cable tie so it can be attached to the arm so the cable is not dangling all over which is a nice feature.

Ok so how does this KIT compare in terms of price. Well, the FIFINE KIT in total come in at £69.99 and includes all those accessories. The mic on its own would cost £39.99 and the Blue Snowball ICE would cost £54.99! There is good value there as the ARM alone could cost £15.

Final Thoughts

These are both great microphones and I do think the snowball ICE is a good all-rounder, but if you are starting out streaming or doing YouTube videos then I would recommend getting the FIFINE KIT as it is amazing value, the sound quality is excellent, and it includes all the accessories you need to get started. You can go and listen to the live streams I have done and compare yourself. I would recommend either one, but the FIFINE starter kit is a good deal. Let me know your thoughts in the comments? Do you have either of these if so, what are your experiences?


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