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How to get free shares & crypto coins

How to get free shares & crypto coins
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So there are few ways to get free shares and crypto coin out there. I have tried them myself to find out how good they were, I will share the process and what share or coins I got, the requirements and how speedy the redemption was.

Freetrade – Free Share up to £200

Get started with a free share worth £3-£200.

First up is the Freetrade platform it has proven very popular over the last year. You get to access your account via your phone or tablet. Once you follow this link and fund a new account you will get a free share, this will be queued and may take 5 days to process. You just need to chase support if you have an issue. Also you have two options whether to open an ISA or general investment account, the Stocks and Shares ISA comes with a monthly £3 fee.

My Free Share : Trainline Worth £5

TICKR – £15 when you deposit £5

This one is less investing in a share but a fund that invests in companies fighting climate change and social problems. Use this link and get £15 when you start investing. I got the £15 within 5 mins of depositing my £5. There is a £1 fee a month but it is waived in the first month. You have to keep the money invested for 90 days I believe.