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How to get 120 FPS on Fortnite

How to get 120 FPS on Fortnite
Photo by Vlad Gorshkov / Unsplash

If you are wondering how to get 120 FPS on Fortnite. It’s fairly straightforward.

Firstly it depends what TV or monitor you have. In my example I have a 4K TV that supports 60hz but not 120hz. But if your 4K tv supports 120hz then just keep it in that mode. However if you have a 4K TV like mine which only supports 120hz in 1080p then you will need to change your TV to 1080p and make sure that 120hz is set.

Once changed you just need to go into the Fortnite settings and change the video settings and turn 120 mode to on

And that’s It. I’ve made a video showing the process on an Xbox Series X.