Hacked Activision Account

Hacked Activision Account

Activision Support

I thought I would go into greater detail and answer some questions regarding the account recovery after you have been hacked. I originally made the account recovery video thinking most people may have accidentally deleted them. That was not the case… Most of the comments were regarding hacked accounts.

So in this video I will go into greater detail on how to secure your account and what happens when you request a account recovery.

Instagram SPAM 

First of all don’t respond or listen to any of the Instagram comments on my videos. These guys are scammers. I’m trying my best to block them and report the spam but gets increasingly difficult the more views I get. But hopefully the blocked words list will stop them in future.

2FA – Two Factor Authentication

If any of you don’t have two factor authentication enabled. Please go right now and log into your Activision & get that setup. Right NOW! It’s the one way hackers can lock you out of your account… if you have 2fa enabled one it stops the hackers getting your account and also prevents a hacker locking you out by enabling it.

I’m not sure why Activision doesn’t force it open you like EA does etc but it would make the accounts so much more secure.

Activision Recovery

So now lets talk about Account recovery. In this video here, I demonstrate how to recover your Activision account if it has been lost or hacked. However I have a had a ton of really good questions around the process and I promised to make a video on this to clear a few things up.

So first of all a lot of you have asked how long it takes, and what to do if you get no response. Well It can take anywhere from 4 – 10 days for Activision to respond to your request. I would say wait 2 weeks and if you had nothing back then try and speak to Activision support via live chat or twitter. (Will touch on this later)  If you have no Joy I would try and submit this request again. Add as much detail as you can.

Activision Email

Another question frequently asked was around what email to use for the temporary Activision account needed to request the recovery. Well I would use another spare email or just create new one for this process. That way when they recover your account and want to reset your password they don’t get it mixed up with your temporary account.

Can’t link account to temporary account

Another common question was around what should you do if your account has been hacked but your PSN / XBOX account is not unlinked. As part for the recovery process you need to create a temporary Activision account, you then have to link your networks to this temporary account before submitting he request. Now if you can’t do this because it’s not unlinked from the hacked account I would go still continue but just explain that issue within the form. They should still be able to help you.

Twitter / Live Chat

As mentioned earlier you can always try and escalate the issue by using Activision live chat or twitter support account. I will link down in the description to the support section you need for the live chat. 

Also you can tweet https://twitter.com/atviassist Before I think you could send a direct message but now I would just tweet to them and see if you get a response. It’s not the greatest level of support but its worth a shot rather than giving up.


Join the discord for help from the community: https://discord.gg/jvG6dNJ

View Activision support templates here.


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