Can the Xbox Series S Replace a Budget Gaming PC?


So, a lot of you have been asking what’s the best value PC to get and with some recommendations, et cetera. And I’ve gone back to quite a few of you, depending on your budget range, just to go with an Xbox Series S. Would you agree?

I think it’s quite good for what it does, but let’s dive in. Okay, first of all, I’m just going to demo how easy it is to use a keyboard and mouse. I’ve got a Corsair Harpoon mouse. I’ve also got a Corsair K65 RGB Mini. This is wired and my mouse is wireless. It is using a low latency 2.4 gigahertz bandwidth. And it can be shared, one can be shared, between multiple devices like your headset, your keyboard, and your mouse, et cetera. But in this example, there’s one wired keyboard and a wireless mouse.

There are two games I know that work with a keyboard and mouse and it just works straight away in the menus but it doesn’t work fully. You can move around, but you can’t use the mouse on the screen. It only works in the game. Then you can see the mouse and keyboard just appear and it works natively with the Xbox. So there’s kind of a game changer. So you can see here, it’s connected fine. There are no issues and I can play the “Sea of Thieves” with no problem. And you can customize all the settings like you would on a PC. Yes, the mouse has a slightly bigger icon, but other than that it’s pretty close to having a budget gaming PC. And it’s gonna be a lot cheaper and probably a lot quicker than trying to build a PC yourself. Plus the Xbox games that you buy can be used in the Xbox Store on your PC.

If you ever decide to upgrade or if you get a Series X in the future that should be a fairly easy swap. And that is a really good console with great graphics capabilities there. So, as I’ve said before, I’ve recommended this to members of the discord who’ve asked questions. They wanted a quick demo, which I’ve done here. It’s quite a short video, but it’s just showing you how good this can be as a quick replacement for a PC if you can’t afford one yet and you’ve got a nice screen, a keyboard and a mouse, just go for it. 250 quid in the UK. It’s an absolute bargain. You can probably get some off eBay for like 200 quid, which is just crazy for what it can do. And it can still do a 4K display if you like using Netflix, etc. It just can’t game in 4K. And yes, I have got a gaming PC now, but considering the cost that was involved in doing that and knowing what to do by building it, I’d say the Series S is an absolute steal.

And yes, I know it’s only got 512 gigabytes of storage, but you can also get a terabyte expansion to plug in there. Yes, that is nearly as much as the console itself. But if you were really struggling and you wanted more storage and it wanted to be faster you could do that for now because Series Xs are not in stock. And then if you did get a Series X, you can use it. There are also other things you can do. You can use custom drives, I’ve got a video which I’ll link here, but that probably works with older Xbox games. So it’s a cheaper way of getting some extra storage for like if you want some classic games like “Battlefield V” or “Battlefield 4” you can run it off there no problem.

I hope this has been useful to you guys. As always, you can join my discord, links are down below. And I’m live on Twitch every Tuesday and Thursday. if you’ve any questions.


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