Fortnite Game Chat Not Working


I’ve been experiencing this issue recently so thought I would share my solution to the problem. I made a video on the process too, so feel free to watch that for a quick demo of it.

This should work on Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation.


First of all you will want to load Fortnite. Once this is done you will want to go into settings.

Once you are in the game settings, tab across to the audio section.

Scroll down to the voice chat method and make sure the open mic is selected and not push to talk. If not change this and then apply the settings.

I would then restart the game for good measure.

This should then allow you to hear your friends in gamer chat and for them to hear you.

Additional Steps

If this didn’t work you can do a couple more steps to fix the issue.

  • Hard reset the console (hold the power button for 10 seconds)
  • Go back to the audio section and change voice chat to OFF and change the voice chat method to push to talk. After this hit apply. Restart the game and then go back to the audio settings. Change voice chat to ON & change voice chat method to Open Mic. Apply the settings and then restart the game.

These additional steps should force the change to occur and fix the issue.


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