FIFINE K690 VS SHURE MV7 Microphone Test & Review

FIFINE K690 VS SHURE MV7 Microphone Test & Review


Fifine have kindly sent their new K690 microphone to me to review. I already had the Shire MV7 so I decided to compare the against my Shure MV7.

Of course this isn’t the fairest comparison to be made, as the Shure MV7 is about 5 times more expensive and is also dynamic microphone. (the Fifine is a condenser microphone).

I decided to compare them both anyway and that way you will now know what the Fifine K690 sounds like!

I prefer the Shure but I would be willing to use this on my live streams using some EQs etc and is much better than the snowball ICE I had before to record all my youtube videos.

Please watch the video below and find links in the description to the live streams I did to test the microphone out!

I hope this has helped people if deciding on buying this microphone! I left off any filters etc to provide the best comparison!


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