Status Pending - Setup HTTPS on Blogger

Status Pending - Setup HTTPS on Blogger

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If you don't use the correct method when setting up your Blogger SSL, you can get the Status Pending error when trying to activate the SSL on your Blogger site. The guide below can show you the steps to reverse this process and how to help fix the issue.

When trying to setup a website using Blogger, I encountered the 'Status Pending - HTTPS Availability is being processed check back later' error with the setting menu. I was able to undo this error by following the steps below:

  1. First turn off both 'HTTPS Availability' and 'HTPPS redirect' settings on your blogger settings. 
  2. Also make sure the 'Redirect domain' setting is on.
  3. After making these changes, please wait 10 minutes for the SSL to reverse.
  4. Once you have waiting turn the 'HTTPS Availability' back to on and wait 15-60 minutes for the SSL to generate.
  5. After this has been done you can then turn on HTTPS redirect to ensure http traffic is correctly forwarded on to the right URL.
  6. Then clear the cache in your browser and your SSL should have been generated.

The main reason I got this error was by enabling these settings in a different order to what was described above. Please follow the guid above and you should successfully setup your new SSL on Blogger.

Any questions please leave comment below.


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