How To Recover Your Google Authenticator Account

How To Recover Your Google Authenticator Account

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A lot of you’ve been asking in Discord, how to recover your Google Authenticator. Once you’ve lost your phone, for example, and you can’t log into Activision.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick solution to this. You just need to set these codes back up again, on your new phone. Preferably, you’d have your backup codes from Activision, so you can log in and set this stuff up again. But this is the first step, I’m going to demo (in the video).

This is how you get control of the Authenticator app again. Once that’s done you’ll have to add them using the QR codes on the websites again or contact Activision to reset your 2FA.


First of all, you have to be logged into your Google account. And you’ll have to go to “Manage your Account” and hop on to security. Then you wanna scroll down to two-step verification.


They’ll ask you to sign in. You just need to verify this using your app or whatever two-step verification you have set up already. Okay, and then you’ll have this authenticator app section here. You will need to go to change your phone and it depends on what device you’ve got. So I’ve got an iPhone, go on there, and then just scan the QR code on there.


Go back to your new authenticator app and press “Scan QR code”. Once you do that, it will add it at the bottom here. You can see I’ve added one before, it was a test. If we just go in here, delete that one. Then I’ve got the new one here. It will then, once you press next, it will ask you for the code, so I’ll just put that in and verify. Unfortunately, the ones I had set up before ( which I’m a bit worried about ) will all be lost. The only other way you can do it is to create a backup of the QR code you scan for each one and keep os. But, if I’m being honest, you probably best to save making sure you keep all your backup codes, print them off and store them somewhere.

For every service you set up, you should get backup codes. This means if it doesn’t work anymore, you can still log in using them to reset the 2fa.


I hope that’s helped some of you, that’s the process you need to follow. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for this. You can’t recover them, but you can export them and back up the account if you press the three dots in the top right-hand corner and go on “Export accounts”.

You will need both phones available. So that’s not going to help if you’ve lost your phone, for example, but this is the way to get it going. And you can start again that way.

In this video, I will demo how to enable and deactivate two-factor authentication for your activation/call of duty account.

It is straight forward, and you get backup codes when you set this up, this allows you to login using the backup codes if for some reason you can’t login using the google authenticator.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE 2023: Google authenticator now uses the cloud to sync backups of your codes. So in future if you lose your phone and forget to export the codes these will now be stored in the cloud.


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