How I reached 100 followers on Medium

How I reached 100 followers on Medium

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Hey! I just thought I would share my experience on Medium and how I reached 100 followers, allowing me to apply for the Medium partner program! Originally when I signed up a few months ago I thought it would be difficult like it is on YouTube. But I hit this target in only 48 hours!

Why did I want to join Medium?

So you probably think I tried to join medium to earn revenue which is partly true, but the main driving factor was to save money. I was paying 35 dollars a month to host my website using Ghost (this is a great hosted platform and would recommend it to anyone ). So I thought to myself why not use Medium to share my content and save to save costs associated with hosting a website. A side bonus is that Medium offers a reward program and gives a cut of medium subscriptions based on the read time of your articles.

I would like to try to get in publications etc and earn some revenue from Medium but for now, it just reinforces the content I have on YouTube.

How I did do it so fast?

Well, this was the strange thing about Medium, I thought there would be some policy against follow for follow (similar to sub 4 sub on YouTube, where you can get banned for this), however, there was none. So I decided just to get me going and registered I would follow medium members using the ‘100followerschallenge’ tag and ‘100followers’. This showed several articles with instructions on how to do this. The main way was to follow anyone that clapped the page and follow that user. (make sure you follow anyone that follows you to keep the follows).

Follow for follow community! Let’s make it to 10,000 together!
Do not mistake this for a regular follow-for-follow. I PROMISE THIS IS MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

Would I recommend this?

No. And here is why. I would advise people to write good content and get truly engaged users and then actually earn money once they have a good following. The partner program will come in the end and you may enjoy the process more. Sure if you’re impatient and want to do what I did it's possible to get into the program in a few days!

In my case, I was just trying it out and wanted to make a quick video of it on my 2nd channel on YouTube. This channel will be focussed more on passive income and earning money online! Feel free to subscribe

Thanks for reading ☺️

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