Duplicate Adsense account fix

Duplicate Adsense account fix

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Do you have a duplicate AdSense account? This guide will show you how to delete your payment profile and thus resolving the duplicate account error. Doing this it will automatically close your AdSense account.

I believe creating a new Gmail account with different mobile and clearing the cache can allow you to get around this problem. I’m still working on this! I don’t know why Google AdSense thinks my site/account is associated with the www.weardale.uk website. I have added some support tickets to google! But I’m unable to contact them about this error. For a company as big as google I cannot understand this! Let’s hope we get somewhere soon!

I’ve helped a few big YouTubers fix their Adsense accounts by following these steps!

Ok the first step is to close your existing Adsense account as shown here :

Once the account is closed by deleting your payment profile, you can go ahead and create another account.

You need to sign up for a new account but this time use another Google account in another name, address and phone number. ( They have to be new and unique to make this work ).

For me I had to use my fiancé’s details and phone, to bypass the sign up filters! Also make sure you use a different web browser (also try and clear the cookies) and IP to your main account. Some have used 4g to make sure that the there is no way Google knows where the sign up is coming from!

Once you have done all this you can then can give access to your main Google account and ink it that way. Maybe you can change the details slowly after you have been approved.

Try to change your address after you have been approved. As people move house so don’t see how that would be an issue, same goes for the phone number & email.

If you have any questions leave comment below or on the members discord.

Good luck!


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