How to open a support case with Activision

Call of duty

In this video, I will show you how to submit a support ticket with Activision. Now, this is different to the account recovery request I covered in a previous video, this is to chase a support ticket or helps when trying to unlink etc. Also, I have a discord community that will have more info and templates you can use to submit your cases, the link is down below.

Ok so the main reason I’m doing this video as I get asked a lot of questions on how to chase a recovery request case or request an unlinking via support. There are a number of filters that auto block support messages being submitted. So I’ll run through the various scenarios and what solutions you can use.

What to do if you are not getting a case number?

If you are unlucky enough to not get any case numbers via the account recovery or support tickets, then don’t fear there is a way to get around it. One is to use another PC / browser and make sure the cookies & cache have been cleared. Another tip is not to copy and paste the info into the form, and try and link one of your accounts if possible. If you get desperate try creating a new Activision account again.

Activision Recovery Chaser

Ok so you have been waiting weeks for a response and nothing and you can’t get in touch with anyone. Your support request are being auto rejected… etc.

What you need to do is download one of the templates, that are on my website. But you need to keep it short and don’t add anything about unlinking, linking & attaching accounts. Try put the basic info and then if you are still struggling try adding less info.

You can get a response from the support chat by opening a case like I have done here. First of all you need to get past the screening by mentioning something like I’m missing cod points, then wait for a reply. After they reply you can mention anything, and add the case number for your recovery request and they should be able to help. I managed to get a reply in under an hour.

Ok so the same principles apply to this one, you need to ask a question about your battle pass or cod points and wait for a reply. Once you get a reply you can mention you need to unlink an account. Either it was a hackers fault or you just need it unlinking. Just make sure you use the account you need to unlink from to submit the request.


They are the most common question I get in the community and in the comments. But I will show you one last thing in regards to the cases. You can only have one case open at once so if you go to create another one it will create a new case but close your old one, so it will put you back of the queue.

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