How to contact Activision support

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How do I get in touch with Activision support?

How do I get in touch with Activision support?

If you’re struggling with a hacked account, unlinking your accounts enabling 2Fa etc. the steps below may help. They used to have a live chat feature last year but now they have something called ambassador chat. Not sure what that is but it’s not support so don’t give out sensitive info as shown… seems daft to me.

  • Send a tweet to Activision support. Whatever your issue is, while waiting to hear back I would send a tweet and hopefully, someone at activation support will see it. It’s a long shot but defo worth doing.
  • Submit A Ticket — Check the support section of the website and follow these steps. Go to the Activision support page > > select the game you want > then the platform > cod points and battle pass> I’m missing an item I purchased in store > then create a ticket. This way you can say I don’t have something bought because my account has been hacked etc.
  • Activision Forums — Reach out to the forums for help and maybe one of the support team will notice. Again, a slim chance but worth a try.
  • Write a letter — I know this sounds daft but someone from discord ‘Doug’ said he wrote a letter to the HQ and got a response so if you are determined enough, you can get help

Maybe one day they will bring back live chat… they have the resource, and it was working last year.

Hope this helps some of you. Again, as always leave a comment below or in the and I’ll get back to you if I can.

If you get the ‘not the purpose of the form’ error, check out my template bundle which should help you get past the filters!


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