Delete Activision account using GDPR (Right To Erasure)

Call of duty

You may need to delete your Activision account for a myriad of reasons. However the main reason for needing to delete the account for me was due to having duplicate accounts.

Activision can be a real struggle to get help with an issue, but one way to speed up the duplicate error issue, is to delete the account you no longer need at the source.

I did a video on this previously (see below). Back then there was a Live chat and an option to delete your account directly from the portal.

This was the option that helped me unlink my account after weeks of trying. By deleting my duplicate account I was able to unlink one of my old Xbox account so I could finally link it to my main account and be able to cross-play!

However, this is no longer available anymore and after exhausting all other support options the only way around this is to use the GDPR request portal and use the right-to-erasure option to delete and unlink your account.

This only works if the account you have is no longer needed. In the video, I demo how easy it is to submit a right-to-erasure request. Once you activate the request it can take 20 days or so for it to delete, but I’ve seen it done faster.

I hope this video helps some of you out there, as always make sure you subscribe to my channel and join the discord if you have any questions!

Download my Activision Support Templates to get in touch with Activision.


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