Activision Unlink Account Error

Call of duty

I had an issue last year where I couldn’t unlink my Activision account. It was so frustrating and unbelievable to me that I couldn’t unlink my account. I waited in chat for over 2 hours and then got disconnected… so I wasn’t going to do that again.

The original issue was that I was a PS4 user and had all my progress saved on the Activision account linked with my PSN. So when I decided to buy an Xbox One X I ran into a problem where I couldn’t link my Xbox account to the Activision linked to my PSN.

This was because I previously had played call of duty on an Xbox One I had a few years before. This meant it had been assigned its own Activision account to save the progress.

So to resolve this specific issue I had to login to Activision using my Xbox account which took me to the old Activision account & deactivates that Activision account. I would lose all my progress but because this was an old account that did not matter. Now my Xbox account was unliked and I could go back to my new Activision account and my Xbox profile. Once that had been done I could carry on with my progress on either console.

But since I made this video a lot of things have come out that may help you guys out there.

  • If you can’t unlink your account please try and unlink via the call of duty website and try the same process. This has worked for some people.
  • Activision has made an update that was brought to my attention on the 1st of October 2020. “We’re currently developing additional security features for Activision account management. As a result, we’ve temporarily disabled our account deactivation feature.”

If you need to create a support ticket check out my other videos and also you can get a support template to get past the first filters.


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