Best iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro 11” Accessories in 2021


I’m going to review and compare the different accessories you can use on yourself iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro 11. I recently got an iPad Air 4 after seeing how similar it was to the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 4 uses the new A14 chipset, this is the same as in the iPhone 12. Performance is not as good for multi core as the 12z but for me its more than enough and beats the iPad Pro in single core.

I had an iPad Pro before and have found the new accessories like the Magic Keyboard & iPad OS have made a massive difference to the usability of the device. I’ll just run through my favourite accessories and also run through some accessories I haven’t got round to using but that I think are good. 

Apple Magic Keyboard Case

First up is the Apple Magic Keyboard Case. This is my favourite accessory for the iPad Air 4. It may be very expensive, but it encompasses all you need to make the iPad more like a laptop. Using this on your lap or at a table is a breeze. It has a backlit keyboard, and the keys feel great to use. Just like a laptop keyboard. It is missing some of function keys but it’s sturdy has in built power for Charing the iPad and also includes a trackpad. By having a trackpad it brings it closer to the experience of a laptop. You can also charge your iPad through the keyboard case while you work at your desk and still leaves the USB C port free on the iPad for a dongle etc.

Apple Pencil

The next pro accessory you need to get for iPad Air 4 is the Apple Pencil 2. It’s great step forward from the last gen. It connects and charges via a magnetic connection at the side of the iPad. It works great and I haven’t noticed any difference between the 60 hz screen in the iPad Air 4 and the 120hz in the iPad Pro. Some other users may notice a difference but not for me.

USB C Dongle

The great thing with the new iPads is that they have a USB C port so you can use dongles, usb sticks etc. On your iPad that would work with your MacBook Air. With this accessory it allows power pass through, has an additional usb A port and a HDMI port. This was originally worked on a MacBook but it works fine with my iPad Air 4.

iPad Standard Case

This was my first case I used after getting the iPad Air 4. It provides basic protection but makes full use of the magnets and wakes on opening etc. It’s a copy of the Apple silicone case but its works just as well and is a lot cheaper. I would recommend this case for a cheap option to get started. 

Apple Mouse & Keyboard 

If you already have a apple mouse and keyboard you can use this to connect to your iPad. Once connected you can use it as you would expect, this is a great option if you have a spare mouse and keyboard and just have the basic silicone case. You can use any Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but I found the apple ones to connect very quickly. You may even want to use the apple Magic Mouse on its own with the Smart Keyboard from apple as this doesn’t have a trackpad. Whatever your option this is a useful feature and makes the transition from iPad to a laptop more practical.

iPad Sleeve

I would recommend getting one of these just for protection purposes. I only put my iPad in this sleeve when travelling about. I put my iPad along with the case & pencil inside. It suits fine and prevents me losing my pencil but also provide waterproof protection. I usually put this in another bag but again it provides protection from bangs etc.

3M USB C cable 

I recommend getting one for you iPad Air 4. You can use it with the iPad Magic keyboard to give constant power to your iPad while working. The 3 Meter cable gives extra flexibility and make it similar to a laptop lead.

Other Accessories 

Sony Headphones

These are budget wireless headphones from Sony. They connect easily and the charge lasts for a very long time. (90 hours full charge) But with all things Sony they are built well and work simply. These are budget so don’t have the best build quality and audio quality, but they work, and they do a decent job.

Xbox Series X & Dual Sense Controller – Coming Soon

If you’re into gaming and want a smoother experience. Eventually you will be able to connect your series x controller with the new 14.5 update. Right now, you can use your xbox one controller.

Xbox One or PS4 Controller – Currently working.

Items I would like

Air Pods – I would love to try the air pods pro with the iPad Air 4 to see how they perform. But alas I have not got my hand on a pair yet, but I would recommend them based on reviews etc. I’m sure they work well.

Logitech keyboard – This keyboard is cheaper version of the Magic Keyboard that Logitech made. I would recommend this is you are on a budget. 

MacBook Power charger – You can also use a Laptop charger for the MacBook Pro’s etc to get a faster charge for your iPad.

I hope you found this useful and some of these accessories help you with your iPad experience.


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