New Coloured iMac’s 2021 - Apple Event Review


So what has been announced?

There have been updates to the Apple Credit Card & a new Purple colour for the iPhone 12 & some minor updates to Apple TV.

Now the biggest announcement was the Apple iMac. It’s had a complete redesign, which to be fair has been long overdue. However, there are few things about the design that I’m not a big fan of. But let’s start with the good stuff.

It comes with the new M1 chip which blows all other processors out of the water in terms of value and performance. It also has touch Id in the keyboard, which is cool, and makes logging in easier. But why not have Face ID? Also it comes with a range of colours which I like but at this moment there is no option for space grey or silver etc. Maybe this will be part of the 27” range? 

Now for the design… It looks remarkably similar to the iPad pro design and I guess that’s the reason for wanting to keep it so thin. But for a me a desktop computer doesn’t need to be so thin, and I would prefer it be a bit thicker and have no bezels and NO CHIN! And even with the chin it has no Logo on it which I find a little odd.

I’m sure this will be a great value desktop but let’s hope the larger range of iMacs will lose the Chin.

The New IPad Pro range now includes an M1 chip. This will make the iPad super-fast and I think it now comes with 16GB of ram. Not many changes just changes to the internals but they will make these iPads way overpowered. Maybe Final Cut may come to IOS so you can take advantage of this chip?

Also, a new Apple Tag has been announced which allows you to track your keys or your bag on the go. This small tag must include a GPS and battery and that way you will never lose your favourite things. Maybe you could even hook this up to your dog?

View the full event here:

Apart from the slightly odd iMac design I think Apple has done a good job.


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