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Already Linked With A Different Account Error ( Fortnite / Epic )

Already Linked With A Different Account Error ( Fortnite / Epic )
Photo by Erik Mclean / Unsplash

If you are struggling to link your Xbox Live or PSN account to your Epic account because if the “Already linked with a different account” error. Then the steps shown below may help you to remove the duplicate account you may have inadvertently created.

I recently discovered this issue when I bought my new Xbox One X. I was a PS4 user and not used an Xbox One since the Xbox One S came out a few years before. I played Fortnite on this console and therefore it had linked an Epic account to that account. When I switched to PS4 I started a new account with my PSN account, from square one.

When I got my One X I wanted to be able to play on either console with the same progress synced. In this case my PSN linked activation had the most progress and V Bucks. When I tried to link my Xbox account, I noticed an error popped up “Already linked with a different account”. I realised it must have been from when I played previously on my Xbox One S. But how was I going to find out the login details for this account? I had never logged in or done anything with my Xbox one. It must have been created automatically in the background.

So, I found a solution where I had to log in to the Epic account using my Xbox login. Once I did this, I could see my Xbox account was linked. I went in and unlinked the account. (if you have issues doing this then you can delete the account, and this will auto unlink)

I decided to delete this account as I would no longer need it. (see my video) Then in 30 days the account was fully deleted. I would recommend taking notes of the Epic account number, so you don’t delete the wrong account by mistake.