5 Steps To Fix Vanguard ‘Error Code Diver’

Activision Support

If you are struggling to get Vangaurd or Warzone to launch using Blizzard on PC, try the steps below to get it working again!

Check You have the latest Windows updates and Version. To check the current Windows version you have follow these steps:

Click Start — RUN , type “winver” and press enter

Turn off any antivirus or install it to see if that is blocking the game from launching. Remember to reinstall or add another free antivirus after.

Check you have the latest drivers on your graphics card or if recently updated try and roll back the drivers!

Run the Scan & Repair tool. Try and run this within the Blizzard app by clicking on the cog next to the play button and navigating to ‘scan and repair’.

If nothing else works try and reset your PC and apps, then reinstall the whole game etc. This should iron out any hidden issues.

I hope this has helped and if you have any questions feel free to join the discord and I will try answer all qestions! Thank you.


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